The temperature starts to rise and in the evenings the rain soaks the streets of the city.
Whatever your favorite time to enjoy a cup of coffee, these new proposals will not disappoint you.

Cleotilde Café

a Mexican coffee bar opens in the Escandon colony where you will find a
proposal of interior design different from the rest: walls and
white bar with metallic ornaments, a visually clean and very
bright space.

The place is small, a wooden bar with 4 seats
is perfect if you want to take it there, although many prefer it
to take away.
The coffee comes from Boca del Monte, Veracruz, in different presentations Espresso, Cappuccino Cut, Latte or Moka.
Do not miss in these hot days the Cold Capuccino or Cold Chocolate artisan with Cocoa Chiapaneco as well as the Chai , both made with natural ingredients.

Another attraction for the palate is the bakery, muffins, brownies, paninis

Where is?  Progreso 240, Escandón CDMX

Hours: 8am to 8pm


The Black Rabbit

La Narvarte jumps with pleasure with this coffeeshop.

I must
confess that the name was the first thing that motivated me to visit it, but
once inside I was able to confirm that it is one of the few cafes in the
city ​​with a very interesting menu.

Isaac Dominguez
owner and barista, brings us
veracruzano coffee and with his own creations has managed to position himself in the area.
We start with the Mocca that goes beyond the shot of espresso with milled milk. It is a rather spicy drink “Oaxacan chocolate, clove, chili, sugar, walnut, almond and cinnamon” an explosion of smells and flavors. You can not miss it!

  • White Rabbit Espresso Base + Horchata (Oaxaca)
  • Nitro Rabbit Cold Brew + Orange + Nitrogenous Coffee Foam
  • Mojito Rabbit   Cold Brew + Soda + Fresh mint touch
  • Honey Bunny Cold Brew + Jack Daniels Honey + Soda

Where is?  Av. Xola 1603, Narvarte CDMX

Hours: 7 am to 8 pm


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