La Narvarte jumps with pleasure with this coffeeshop! I must confess that the name was the first thing that motivated me to visit it, but once inside I could see that it is one of the few coffee shops in the city with a very interesting proposal.

Isaac Dominguez owner and barista, has set himself the task of bringing for us his own creations and go that is on the right track!

We recommend the  Mocca that goes beyond the shot of espresso with aromatic milk. A very spicy drink “Oaxacan chocolate, clove, chile, sugar, nut, almond and cinnamon” an explosion of smells and flavors. You can not miss it!

All the coffee is Veracruzan origin and in this new cafeteria you can enjoy your usual drinks with a twist, for example, Honey Boney, a drink prepared with a bunny turín in the background, Jack Daniels and a little soda.

In addition to a rich coffee you can accompany your drink with a pancake or cake, it is worth mentioning that Black Rabbit seeks to promote and encourage the consumption of Narvarte producers-tenants.


  • White Rabbit Espresso Base + Horchata (Oaxaca)
  • Nitro Rabbit Cold Brew + Orange + Nitrogenous Coffee Foam
  • Mojito Rabbit   Cold Brew + Soda + Fresh mint touch
  • Honey Bunny Cold Brew + Jack Daniels Honey + Soda

Where is? Xola 1603, Narvarte, CDMX

Hours: 7:30 am – 8:00 pm


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