Playing the role in the center of the city we discovered a very kawaii little corner. It immediately caught our attention the pastel tone of the walls and of course the colorful and flirty desserts.

KochiKochi Land specializes in Japanese desserts such as these crepas stuffed with custard, ice cream, fruits, marshmallows and colorful sparkles. In case they believed that sugar in a dessert could not be true, here the test!

Another must-see during your visit are the “Taiyakis” , famous fish-shaped dessert that is filled with ice cream, custard, marshmallow and fruit. All are prepared at once, so be patient, remember that good takes its time ?

The prices are quite reasonable vs the portion.
The place at the moment does not have tables, or chairs so better ask to take it.


  • Taiyaki “Blackberry night” Ice cream with jam of blackberries and hershey’s liquid, accompanied by a helix bonbon.  
  • Crepe “Blackberry Nutella” blackberries with nutella, whipped cream, sparkling cherries, cherry ice cream and a helix bonbon.

At the moment they do not accept cards, so bring cash.

Location:  Dolores 4, Colonia Centro, CDMX


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