The cafeterias have moved from places to take the shawl and the dessert to spaces where they develop until joints work, whatever your excuse here 4 new spaces where the service and quality will make you want to return.

Cured Coffee 

Contemporary specialty coffee and individual pastry.

Curado is a word that is used in the north of the country to refer to something cool or cool. In this new coffee bar they seek to promote different disciplines through a workspace or area that can be used as a workshop room as well as pamper their customers with a rich Mexican coffee.

The interesting thing about this place is that it seeks to celebrate the brotherhood that exists with this wave of specialty cafes inviting baristas to collaborate and participate in events that are frequently held. Watch for Facebook.
They offer different methods of extraction that are prepared in the bar ( Chemex, Kalita, V60 or French Press), sweet snacks, salted and a selection of desserts.

I suggest you try the “Olbe”   a delicate Belgian chocolate mousse with cheese glazed with red wine, on a cacao and butter cake, topped with Italian meringue flaming ? creamy and nothing cloying.
For those who are always looking for a different drink the “Rumorosa” is a must, shot of espresso and hot chocolate served with lots of flamed marshmallows. Sweet, thick and perfect not to share ?
Location: Sinaloa # 10, northern rome.

Blend Station

Ample space, illuminated and with a pleasant decoration Blend Station arrives at the Countess to conquer them.
A pair of armchairs, a wall with seats and pillows of bright colors, ideal for rest await you. If they come with the intention of working “seriously” there is no problem, as a long bar to share with contacts was specially designed to charge the laptop / cell and be able to stay for hours. If they prefer their own table do not worry, they can occupy some of the tables available.
The menu of drinks and food is varied (from an American, infusions, lattes, and desserts) breakfasts, meals and desserts such as the  “Blend Dessert”, brioche bread with homemade hazelnut cream, red fruits and nuece, in my opinion Nothing spectacular, the bread was somewhat hard.

Location:  Tamaulipas 60, Condesa.

Garat Land

Shop, Chocolateria and Cafeteria – an extremely pleasant space to enjoy a rich coffee and Mexican chocolate.

Here the wave is ask at the bar and take a table. I recommend you dare to try something different and enjoy the coffee blends with cocoa, in the combination that you think is most appropriate.

We ordered a “Chiltepín” without coffee, based on cacao, piquín chili, chili peppers and achiote-originary from Chiapas (caffeine version exists). Slightly thick drink with a touch peachy and soft at the same time by the cocoa.
Accompany your drinks with a ” Panque of citrus and amaranth”

Location: Jalapa 99, Roma Norte and Paseo de la Reforma 231, Cuauhtémoc.


Cafe Avellaneda (premieres house)

Once again, he makes his own and inside a Porfirian style building in Colonia Juárez opens its doors to Avellaneda.
Here the play is to be guided by baristas who can advise you on grains and methods of extraction. The best thing in spite of its close location with Paseo de la Reforma is that you will be able to get lost of the bustle of the city.

They also offer different methods of extraction, bread and biscuits to accompany your drinks.

There are not many contacts to connect the laptops so do not expect to be able to work for a long time.

Location: Lucerne 65, Colonia Juarez.

Beverages:  Latte and Mocca with almond milk


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