Weekend to order! That is why I leave my recommendation to taste at ease.

Catalina Brasserie * French cuisine

Tonalá 87, Col. Roma Nte
In charge of the chef Jorge Avendaño, this spot in one of the corners with a varied gastronomic offer, in the colony rome became one of my favorites.

The atmosphere is very relaxing, ideal for a Sunday without a hurry. The white decor with a full bar of color is quite pleasing to the eye.

I recommend you start your morning with a rich American coffee, also have juices, cold infusions and hot.

Sweet options:

Croissant with butter and red fruit jam

Pan French with bacon, egg poached and bathed in maple, simply delicious !!!!
Salty options:

Peasant bread with avocado and egg

Spinach frittata with goat cheese and mandarin juice

The classic Croque Madame, baked turkey sandwich, bechamel sauce, gruyere cheese and poached egg.

Average consumption: 200 pesos per person


Maison Belen Coffee Shop, French, Desserts

Emilio Castelar 31, Col. Polanco

A restaurant with incredible attention, rich breakfasts and colorful tables is what awaits you.

I recommend you arrive with time, because at 10:30 am is already full, as long as they do not bother waiting.

A menu with enough options for a diabetic coma, I recommend you order the banana strudel and the chocolate scones.

Starting the breakfast here is somewhat difficult, as they have an interesting proposal of breads, I always ask for the Croissant filled with nutella … super super fatener!
French bread, homemade brioche with red fruit compote, deli deli.

For those looking for something more salad, I recommend the Enchiladas de Pollo with Manchego cheese, red, green or flag!

The classic Benedictine Eggs (weekends only)

Average consumption: 150 pesos per person

La Ventanita Cafe

Plaza Villa Madrid 13, Cuauhtemoc, Roma Nte., / Rafael Rebollar 95, San Miguel Chapultepec
The intimate atmosphere and away from the noise makesone of my favorites, surrounded by plants and vines, hidden in the San Miguel Chapultepec awaits them this rest that Offers delicious breakfasts

I recommend starting with a rich Te Matcha and for those who are not very fond of this drink can order a rich black coffee that is brought from Chiapas.

The dish that should not be missed are the Baked Eggs, cooked in a stone oven.
Among the favorites:

Norwegian eggs with salmon or Madame Chipotle, with chipotle béchamel and ham, served with rosemary potatoes. Yummy Yummy!

If you want something traditional opt for the Molletes or Swiss Enchiladas.

Sweet options could not get out of my recommendation, so pídanse the Matcha Waffles.

Average consumption: 150 pesos per person

Grab n Munch

Río Pánuco 180, Cuauhtémoc

Another jewel hidden in the Col. Cuauhtemoc is Grab n Munch . A delicious alternative to get out of the everyday at quite affordable prices.

Breakfast offering is quite broad, ranging from something sweet and light as Plato fruit, yogurt and granola Homemade Biscuits with jam season until most succulent options.
I recommend Pope Rosti , 2 huevitos acompañaos fried bacon, tomato relish, served on a bed of hash browns.

Of course, the wafle of mashed potatoes with bacon, brie, blueberry and turkey is spectacular!

If you want to change I suggest you order a sandwich, among your 10 options you will surely find one to satisfy your craving.
They have service at home, ideal for these rainy days.

Average consumption: 150 pesos per person


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