With the secret recipe brought directly from Belgium, this was how Carlos Rendón decided to begin this gastronomic adventure at Waffles & More

You will find the traditional mass of Brussels, a classic not to be missed, as well as options with cinnamon, blueberry or cheese.
You can add a topping or everyone you want (cajeta, whipped cream, blackberries, bananas, chocolate) You get creative ?

The truth brought much will and desire to gordearle course, so do not put a lot of resistance, and I ordered one yet, well I overdid it a little, just brought, walnut and topped with nutella platanitos blessed uyyy definitely have to try it .
“Liege” is a sweet, soft dough inside and crispy on the outside, also can enjoy it , combinenlo with what they like.

Also it has creations or specialties (prepared with either of the two options above) I recommend them extensively test.
Rancherito: Egg Waffle

Classic: Ham and Manchego cheese

Benedictine: egg, bathed with classic creamy cheese sauce

Ligerito: Turkey and panela

Love of three: Cream cheese, manchego and goat cheese

Nordic: Salmon and Cream Cheese
Regarding drinks, we order a Moka and do not miss the Chai Latte of the house ?

The menu is small but not boring at all, because the combinations can be endless, the staff is quite attentive, but when we went there were quite a few people and I want to think that’s why they took so long, I suggest going with patience and very hungry, because Are totally worth it.

Where is?  Patricio Sanz 1701, Col. del Valle

How much?  $ 18 – $ 110 pp

With whom to go?  I find it a familiar place. Rich for an unhurried breakfast.

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