Hey coffee lovers, here I leave my three recommendations of coffees in Mexico City that for no reason should be lost.

Cardinal,  Coffee House. 
Córdoba 132, northern Rome. CDMX.

Definitely the favorite of the Colony Rome, it has become a space to taste to spend the afternoon and enjoy a good coffee. The baristas are very attentive so do not hesitate to ask about each of the methods of extraction that are the specialty of the house.
“Voltaire” is one of its richest creations and one of my favorites (Capuccino with chocolate Oaxacan), delicious at any time of the day.
As the summer is approaching, I recommend the ” Affogato” , a ball of ice cream (vanilla or marzipan) with an espresso shot. Does it count as dessert? I also suggest, try the ” Capuccino Frozen” , super refreshing with the exact dose of caffeine to survive 30 degrees Celsius.

It is the ideal place to spend the afternoon, like at home!


Cortaditto Coffee, Coffee well done. Boston s / n between Florida and Carolina, Col.,  NocheBuena. CDMX

When Fernando decided to open this coffee shop he knew what he wanted to achieve. Quality Mexican beans, excellent service and a very promising menu make this specialty cafe a place not to be missed.

On these hot days I suggest an ” Espresso Tonic” , tonic water with a shot of espresso to start the day with lots of energy.
I recommend you ask for the Oaxacan chocolate with coconut milk, if they are lactose intolerant, this is a very worthwhile option ?
Among the favorites: ” Cortadito and Flat White” (they presume it is the best in Mexico City ) The ” Cubanito” , which is sold alone; Is a mixture of cocoa, milk and sugar. In addition they have sweet options to satisfy that appetizer (Belgian Waffles, Cheese Muffin with Nutella topping, Raspberry Tarts with white chocolate) or salted (Quiche, Croissants, Chapatas, Salads and a “Croque Monsieur” which is simply delicious !!

The best thing is that they have a sea view: P, well, but it has a bank where they can enjoy the sun and of course the tranquility of the area.
Black Soul. Av. Universidad 420, Col. Narvarte. CDMX

Another favorite and I must say that not only the colony. Despite having a small bar and few tables to sit, there is no doubt about the quality of coffee they offer in each cup, reason enough to want to visit them.
One of my favorites is the ” Gibraltar” , which is Espresso Double with a milk splash is ideal. The option that I suggest for these hot days, is the “Affogato” is basically the same as the previous but instead of milk because it brings rich vanilla ice cream, do not know what thing!
These guys also offer tastings at various restaurants in the City, so if you are interested in learning about coffee, do not hesitate to take your place.


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