Fernando and Alan from my beloved Oaxaca and of course coffee lovers have been worried about getting the best grains from the 3 most important coffee producing states (Chiapas, Veracuz and Oaxaca) and bring them to their delicious cafe located in the colony Noche Buena .

Arriving at Cortadito, you receive of course with a smile, in a small bar where you can read the varied menu attached to the wall, it is worth mentioning that there is no such discomfort here not knowing what to order as happens in the trendy spots in Rome Where they believe that going for coffee is now a fashion.

Do not be surprised if they listen to the barista ask Don Pepe, how about your weekend or Doña Julia order the usual, because Cortadito is more than the coffee for a cup of coffee, here have earned the hearts and loyalty of Neighbors with their friendliness and warmth.

Among the favorites of course the Cortadito, Flatt White (presumed to be the best in Mexico City) the Cubanito , sold alone; Is a mixture of cacao, milk and pummm … sugar as well said the famous Celia Cru (z)
I recommend for these hot days to order a Espresso Tonic , as its name says tonic water with a shot of espresso.
They also have sweet options to satisfy that craving ( Belgian waffles, cheese muffins with nutella topping, raspberry tarts with white chocolate ) or salted ( quiche, croissant, chapatas, salads and a croque monsieurwhich is just delicious !!)

You can order everything to take away

Where is? Boston s / n between Florida and Carolina, Col. NocheBuena. CDMX

When can they go?  Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Sundays closed.

How much?  $ 25 – $ 100 pp

With whom to go?  With who they want! It is a small but cozy space, relaxed atmosphere or pose.

Social networks:   Facebook:  Cortaditto Cafe  /  Instagram: @cortadittocafe


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