I was not mistaken and I allowed myself to consent in this beautiful space in the Countess.

I know that being a coffee lover does not mean that you should look for a sweet option to accompany him, but I really can not and I do not want to lol. So I almost always opt for places where there is variety of bread to enjoy the afternoon especially if I go with a lot of time.
Manduca Deli did not disappoint me, it is a very cozy place and immediately upon entering you can not ignore the baskets with ManduDelicias.
Donuts, wallets of cheese, shells, croissants, muffins, danques, panques among many other things made me lose my mind at that time and then as I did not know what to choose I asked for all! (I.e.

Something that caught my attention is that they offer breakfast at all hours. Is it just cool?

So if they were late for the weekend and still want to quench the craving or cure the raw, do not hesitate to shop around and order something from the menu.

Eggs to taste



French Toast


Manduca Deli + Manduca Breakfast Sandwiches are 2 locals, one continuous to the other, so surely if you go you will not have to wait long for a table. They have an option in the open air, because of that claustrophobia or that they love to see people go by.

Address: Nuevo Leon 125. Condesa, Mexico, DF 
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 7am – 10pm Sat – Sun 8am – 4pm
Transportation: Metrobus Campeche
Average consumption per person: $ 100


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