Lately I have been scrubbing all week and the truth is that I started the year eating super bad (ok, ok I can not complain …) but I want to be honest, I do not eat pancakes and ice cream just because, Bringing you the richest of the DF is a challenge and of course I never give up.

That’s why, in order to keep up with that rhythm of life (cakes, pancakes , ice cream and coffee) I want to introduce some super lovely girls that will help me throughout this year to improve my lifestyle by means of tips, suggestions and recipes Super rich, balanced and healthy.

@Healthy Freak is an online store that I found a little bit ago because I was looking for several products to be able to prepare some delicious pancakes and smoothies without fault  You know what I mean.

I loved the products and got in touch right away because I wanted to know more about everything.
Gisela and Gaby Suarez are two sisters who had the brilliant idea of ​​bringing together in one place many products to bring health to our lives.
Gisela Suárez

Health & Wellness Coach by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York. That is, an adviser in health and nutrition. For many years she has been interested in promoting and promoting a healthy lifestyle, which is why she offers advice to achieve a comprehensive balance. All this through the promotion of physical exercise, eating plans from real food and of course Healthy Freak.


You can find their publications on their Facebook page: Metropolgreen
Gabriela Suárez

Dedicated to the health sector for eight years, it wants to contribute to the people to be informed, to change habits of root and to foment thus the culture of prevention for a healthier life.

For those who do not know what to eat and how, it seems ideal!

Many times we recommend so many products and at the end of the day none goes according to our needs or lifestyle.

At the end of the day Healthy Freak I found a pretty interesting proposal for those who care and want to start having a balanced lifestyle, eye this does not mean boring. They have variety of flours, jellies, healthy superfoods without as many chemicals or conservatives and a personal care line. In addition to a blog where they explain all the benefits to detail and super-practical recipes.
These are social networks just in case you want to know more about the store and start as I do with all this new healthy – healthy roll.

Instagram: healthy_freak_mexico_


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