Hello berriful people!

As it is already weekend I want to share with you a new corner in the colony of the Valley that I found and I loved: Bigotes de Leche

Jacinto and Mauricio Vital had the great idea of ​​setting up a very colorful little place that in just 4 months has become a popular spot on weekends because it captivates you instantly with its vibe and decoration. The mood is very relaxing, so you can sit for a while comfortably without hurry * and step to take a little photo with the mustaches that give a very special touch. Also, let’s be honest, who does not like to enjoy a good ice cream or malt?

Tip: If you walk and run, ask to take, you can too!

Bigotes de Leche offers a small but substantial menu:

Ice creams (single / double)

• Banana with caramel *
• Hazelnut with chocolate *
• Lavender
• Green tea
• Vanilla
• Lemon lime
• Cardamom
• Tea chai

Snow (single / double)

• Jamaica with mezcal *
• Guanábana
• Tangerine
• Mamey
• Lima
• Lemon, mint and basil.

(* My favourites)

The star of the place is definitely the Puff , and I highly recommend that you try the “brioche bread with chocolate chips filled with ice cream of your choice, sealed in a sandwich maker, sprinkled with sugar glass and bathed with more melted chocolate”. What else do I tell them !? It is a wonder.

As a good fat one , I ordered my Puff with two different flavors: hazelnut with chocolate and banana with caramel. I was in heaven!

If they are a little more traditional, they can also order a cookie or brownie alone or of course with ice cream. Is there any other way to eat it?

To accompany so much delicious fat, they offer several drinks: they have the classic malts that can order with whole milk, deslactosada or of soy; Some floating with coca, coca light and lemon or coconut water. And for the more frightening is the choice of a rich and sparkling Oaxacan chocolate.
Visit them, it really will be difficult not to return!

Where is?  Diagonal San Antonio 909-A, Col. del Valle

When can they go?  Tuesday to Saturday from 1 to 9 and Sundays from 1 to 8 pm (Very soon they will be able to visit them from 10 am)

How much?  $ 15 – $ 100 pp

With whom to go?  With who they want! It is a fun and delicious option for hot days if you want to go for a dessert or cold drink with your little friends.

Social networks: www.bigotesdeleche.mx   /  Facebook: MalteadasyHeladosBigotesdeLeche  / Twitter:@Bigotesleche  / Instagram: @bigotesdeleche


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