Hello everyone, I had wanted to talk to you about this site in Rome for a long time.

The truth is that many of those who know me know that I am an ultra mega fan of desserts and sweets so here I have this delicious proposal to spend the afternoon.
One day as I walked through the area, I came upon a very charming little place, French style with curved lines, light colors, arabesques and details of great wealth very characteristic of the time of Louis XV.
Honestly, I was captivated by the decor. Being surrounded by 3 completely gray corners, it is impossible not to turn to see it and want to be part of the environment.
@Delisa , as Chef Elisa Pérez Salinas named it , is a very nice little corner that already has a very special place in my heart. “The idea is that here you can find a space to enjoy and relax,” she says.

The setting of course has always been something that I pay close attention to, but I want to clarify that here the desserts are undoubtedly the protagonists.

@Delisa , in the street of Tabasco with corner Cordoba, to its only 7 months of opening is a total success. It is a cafeteria with a totally different proposal to what we can find in the area as it adapts to all tastes. From the girls who sit in the castle of the princess to the grandmothers who feel they have traveled in time.
The menu (or rather my favorites):

Breads: Chocolate braid, chocolate shell, eight with vanilla cream and dulce de leche. 
Desserts: Hazelnut crunch (house specialty), raspberry macaroons with white chocolate ganache and chocolate fondant.

Delisa in my heart for its rich desserts, such a nice and clear service the place is a charm. No doubt, I will be going very often.

Who goes with me? (I.e.

Take a turn and also let yourself consent.


Where is? Delisa,  Tabasco 139 Córdoba. DF

Hours: 7am to 9pm

Instagram: @Delisa_pasteleria


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