What if they bring together giant colored balloons, colorful garlands and beautiful princesses?

Taránnnn …!
Curious was the way of meeting me recently with some girls, with whom I would say that in such a short time I would achieve a very cool connection. Has it happened to them?

To be honest to me yes and very often, I’m the one who usually meet people in unexpected places and click immediately. I feel as if the universe wants to tell me something through all those people that I have met in the last months. Is it a matter of being patient and understanding each of the parties in due course? We will have to wait.

These girls have changed my life in such a short time, they are very cute people inside and out, with enough light and a lot of things to happen. I really feel very blessed to have them now in my life. Ask for it and it will be granted to you

For a long time I had in mind to make a shooting with many colors, flavors, smiles and details but I really did not know what I could do, until instagram made his and we the magic. That’s why we went out to paint La Roma in colors and you know, the biggest thing about this experience together with my friends at PeachMelon Studio was that we managed to get a lot of smiles from several little ones who were captivated by the tremendous colorful balloons that floated and colored that sunny day.
For those who still do not know who I’m talking about, I invite you to check out the designs of garlands, giant balloons and super  cute piñatas that they have in their online store. I’m still in love with everything they do and believe me I have several requests in mind because my birthday J.

The outfits were just dreamy. A spongy tulle skirt accompanied us along the way, impeccable makeup and beautiful pair of Loli in the sky were the ideal complement to make magic possible.

This has been one of the funniest shootings in which I have been involved and being very soon sharing more chocoaventuras with my bloggers friends and always in contact with many creative people who put their heart in everything they do.
Special thanks to all who made this project possible.

Balloons: PeachMelon Studio

Make-up: Andrea Áviles

Skirts: Couture District.

Shoes: Loly in the sky

Spot: Delisa Pastelería

Photo: Hiramsuko Pro

Kisses thunderbolts!



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